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Water and energy reduction in accommodation industry

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Examples of retrofitting a going concern business for resource efficiency

Horsham House Bed and Breakfast undertook extensive auditing and research into resource consumption and solutions to address this. Assisted by the Victorian EPA/VECCI Grow Me The Money business sustainability program, large resources saving were achieved within 18 months:

  • 40% reduction in electricity consumption
  • 38% reduction in water consumption
  • almost total redirection of organic wastes to composting

The products and examples of the thinking behind this success are explored in the case study about Horsham House Bed and Breakfast prepared by Grow Me The Money. Examples of actions taken include:

  • installation of a heat recovery ventilator system
  • efficient replacement of end-of-life HWS plant
  • revision of laundry operations
  • practice change.
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Fantastic outcome - well done. We will certainly be referring back to this to help us achieve further reductions
Added 22 Oct 2009


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Horsham House

Horsham House, perfectly situated in the centre of Horsham, provides the ideal base for travelling professionals, an elegant setting for couples and an inspiring venue for meetings and conferences.

Built in 1905 Horsham House has...

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