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ECO-Buy Sustainable Procurement Assessment Tool

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Sustainable Procurement Assessment Tool
The ECO-Buy Sustainable Procurement Assessment Tool helps you to measure and assess your organisation’s green purchasing status and progress.
It covers all aspects of green procurement, from policy to suppliers to reporting, and is designed to be completed on an annual basis.
Enabling you to benchmark your current status and to measure your ongoing green purchasing progress, the tool awards your organisation with entry, bronze, silver or gold level.
Designed to support the systematic implementation of effective and efficient green procurement, it also provides a record of your results and identifies where you are performing well and those areas needing improvement.
The ECO-Buy Sustainable Procurement Assessment Tool consists of two parts: Part 1 covers policies, procedures and processes, and Part 2 covers purchases made and environmental impacts.

The ECO-Buy Sustainable Procurement Assessment Tool is based on the Mayor of London’s Green Procurement Code progress review , an online support service for London based organisations committed to reducing their environmental impact through responsible purchasing.

ECO-Buy would like to acknowledge London Remade, Action Sustainability  and Sustainable Procurement Ltd for their contributions, and would also like to thank Sustainability Victoria for their generous funding contribution to the development of the tool.

To find out more about the ECO-Buy Sustainable Procurement Assessment Tool or to register and start using the Tool please click the "Visit website" button below.

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ECO-Buy Ltd

ECO-Buy is an award winning not for profit Centre of Excellence in Environmental Purchasing, established to encourage the purchasing of environmentally preferable products and services

ECO-Buy exists to help you 'green' your purch...

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