Rewarding Sustainable Action

18 Sep 2010

The inaugural Grow Me The Money Awards for Results were held on Tuesday 14 September, with five winners each receiving cash prizes.
The Awards for Results recognised Grow Me The Money entrants’ results from the activities that were implemented from their Action Plans put forward in the Awards For Actions event held earlier this year (March 2010). Five prizes of $10,000 were awarded to those businesses judged to have achieved the greatest results from implementing their Action Plan.
Travis Kalleske, Manager Products and Services, VECCI Sustainability Services, was delighted with the quality of submissions received for the awards, with each business showing leadership within their industries.
 “Through achieving these outcomes we see these businesses, in the absence of legislation, as the shining lights in their respective industries, showing leadership for others to follow,” Kalleske says “Although the judging process was a difficult one, given the outstanding range of submissions, it was also an inspiring one, showing that these businesses have taken action and are doing their bit to make business in Victoria more environmentally responsible”.
Congratulations to all the Awards for Results winners:

1-4 employees

Clean and Gone

Clean and Gone is a business that has reduced its carbon footprint by cutting landfill waste through the careful deconstruction of sites and salvaging and resale of re-usable materials. They want to change the way waste from construction and demolition sites is thought about and treated and thus differentiate themselves from most other demolition companies whilst reducing CO2 emissions and increasing profits. Fuel bills have also been cut by reduced trips to landfill and better planning of driver routes.

Horsham House

As a regional heritage B&B, Horsham House has cut water and electricity use by 64% and 28% respectively since 2007, through a series of reduction initiatives, including water-efficient laundry appliances, a heat recovery ventilation system, a heat pump hot water system and temperature-sensitive valves on showers.  Current owners Dallas and Chris took over in 2007, introducing a range of sustainability measures that lead to Horsham House announced as a finalist in the Premiers Sustainability Awards for this year.

5-15 employees:

Third Ecology

Is a Geelong based architectural firm specialising in sustainable design, advice, consulting and energy rating.  They have won several awards for their efforts in relation to sustainability and were a Banksia Award finalist in 2008.  Third Ecology has reduced lighting by 20% through simple measures such as turning off non-essential appliances, replacing lighting with LED and adding additional lighting to work areas. 

McManus Real Estate

McManus have halved paper usage in their office, reduced heating and cooling related energy use by 15% and reduced energy use from lighting by 30%.  They are also educating tenants and landlords on sustainability initiatives through an updated inspection checklist incorporating new shower heads, water tanks and energy efficient lighting as well as “green tips” in its monthly newsletter.

31-99 employees


Isuzu recently launched a range of compressed natural gas trucks which produce 30% less carbon than the equivalent diesel vehicle and save customers 25% in fuel costs.  They have introduced an office recycling program, and introduced “Cool Biz” whereby staff dress appropriately for the revised summer air conditioning temperatures now set at 24 degrees.  They have invested in new lighting technologies and, coupled with a range of other initiatives, have saved around 20% in energy during 2010.
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