Energy efficiency for a healthy bottom line

27 Aug 2010

Energy efficiency is a critical way to reduce energy use, reduce our demand on energy resources and lower our carbon emissions. Australian, State and Territory Governments are regularly introducing, tightening and improving the energy efficiency of our buildings, appliances and equipment. This energy regulation, combined with the projected increase of electricity costs, makes a compelling case for businesses to start taking action to reduce their energy use.
According to the Department of Climate Change and Energy Efficiency, our homes and workplaces are responsible for a fifth of Australia’s greenhouse carbon emissions. Start with these simple measures, to help your business reduce emissions and improve your bottom line:

  • Install compact fluorescent lightglobes (CFLs) where possible. CFLs use 80% less energy than the old incandescent bulb, as well as lasting much longer. Furthermore, you can save up to $15 a year per bulb on your energy bill.


  • Check your office fridge. An old fridge can often be the source for high energy bills, using as much as three times the amount of power of a newer, energy efficient model. Regardless of the age of your fridge, try to position it out of the sun and make sure there is a 80mm gap at the back and sides for efficient ventilation?


  • Be smarter about your heating. Try not to overheat- a comfortable room temperature in winter is 18-21oC, with each extra degree adding 10% to your energy costs. Always ensure that you are capturing the heat you have generated by shutting doors and closing blinds.
  • Choose GreenPower. Approximately 90% of the energy currently produced in Australia comes from the burning of fossil fuels such as brown coal. Increasing renewable energy sources is one way to reduce our reliance on carbon intensive energy sources, and at the same time decrease Australia’s overall greenhouse gas emissions.


Carbon Down (a climate change partnership between VECCI and the Victorian Government) are offering to complete a FREE GreenPower cost comparison on behalf of small-to-medium businesses (SMEs). CarbonDown will complete the research on making the switch to GreenPower until 30 September 2010, providing information on the cost and supplier benefits, through the Choose GreenPower website. To take up this free offer, visit


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