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RESOURCE: Water Wise Stickers and Posters

Free Posters and stickers available for business in a range to sizes and styles

ACTION: Introduce staff incentive programs

Introduce incentive schemes for staff to encourage greater environmental performance.

225 -170

ACTION: Purchase locally produced food and buy organic

Consider sourcing your business’s food locally and organically to reduce the carbon emissions resulting from the food your business buys.

194 -109

ACTION: Enable power save mode on electronic equipment

Most computers, monitors, photocopies, multifunction centres, faxes etc. have ‘power save’ settings that can be enabled.

218 -129

ACTION: Carpooling

Carpooling is simply when two or more people travel together in one car.

165 -104

ACTION: When driving, using the A/C should not always be the first choice

Use of air conditioning increases a vehicle’s fuel consumption. Using A/C more effectively while commuting can save on petrol costs, and reduce e...

158 -85

ACTION: Provide bike racks and change rooms

Bike racks and change rooms will encourage staff to cycle to and from work.

186 -124

ACTION: Go plastic bag free for your business

Make a difference to your environment by reducing or eliminating use of plastic shopping bags.

170 -109

ACTION: Institute a lights-off policy where natural light is available

Only switching lights on when natural light is insufficient also means that less lights will be left switched on when areas become unoccupied.

190 -170

ACTION: Introduce energy saving signage

Putting signage near light switches reminds people to use energy consuming devices more efficiently and to turn them off when not in use. &nbs...

311 -198

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