Carbon Column is our weekly article which covers business sustainability.
It provides useful hints and tips on carbon reduction, detailed case studies as well as other topical issues.


2 Sep 2011

To celebrate Victoria Tourism Week, this week’s column will explore the ways you can minimise your carbon footprint while enjoying a holiday in your own backyard.

Encouraging your employees to stay local when they next take leave ensures support for Victorian businesses, eliminates air...

26 Aug 2011

Last year, La Madre Bakery got the nod from the Carbon Reduction Institute for creating a carbon neutral hot cross bun, the first of its kind in Australia. It was the culmination of a lot of hard work by co‐owners Anna Spurling and Tez Kemp, yet it all began with a simple philosophy: “...

19 Aug 2011

If you’ve received an electricity bill recently, you may have been shocked by the size of it and wondered what you could do to cut your business’s consumption. Here is a guide to where to start.

By reducing your energy consumption now, you will not only lower your operating costs in the...

9 Aug 2011

3Fish is one of the fastest growing fairtrade clothing companies in Woodend. Co-founder Natalie Dillon tells us the motivations behind setting up a sustainable business as well as the challenges and benefits encountered along the way.

What were your motivations behind starting...

22 Jul 2011

Unless you have been living under a rock for the past few months, you will have been inundated by information and discussion about the Federal Government’s proposed carbon tax. In this Carbon Column, we look at what the price on carbon will entail, and what this means for small to medium sized...

15 Jul 2011

Award‐winning not‐for‐profit ECO‐Buy was established to encourage the purchasing of environmentally‐preferable products and services. We chat with Mary Dunne, ECO‐Buy’s Business Development Manager, about how your business can incorporate resource efficiency into your supply chain.

8 Jul 2011

The Personnel Group Ltd (TPG), established in 1986, is a non‐profit organisation whose purpose is to foster workforce diversity and secure jobs for disadvantaged jobseekers. TPG employs 90 staff across seven offices in three regions – the Riverina, North East Victoria and the Murrumbidgee...

1 Jul 2011

As the new financial year is upon us, it’s time to size up budgets and look for opportunities to invest in sustainable business practices. Sustainable investing means including environmental and social factors in investment decisions. Doing so can help investors meet their financial goals and...

24 Jun 2011

Today, around 90 per cent of electricity generated in Australia is still generated from the burning of fossil fuels. With energy prices on the rise and a carbon curbed future on the horizon, what better time than now to look at some alternatives to the brown coal generated electricity that we...


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